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SolidCAM-​CAM Module

Comprehensive Processing and Manufacturing Solutions


Efficiently create 2.5D CNC toolpaths with complete interactive control and various specialized toolpath strategies for features like corners, islands, and other geometric shapes.


By automatically recognizing the geometric features on the CAD model, SolidCAM elevates its powerful 2.5D milling capabilities to a new level.


Effortlessly select specific surface regions on the part for smooth and powerful machining. Supports standard and custom complex tools.


HSR/HSM offers robust 3D rough milling and optimal finishing toolpaths for complex 3D parts, aerospace components, and molds. It emphasizes advanced smoothing paths and  intelligent machining routes.


SolidCAM excels in path planning for 4/5-axis machining, enabling swift multi-sided setup and offering the most powerful and user-friendly coordinate system definition in multi-axis systems.


Industry-tested and verified 5-axis machining toolpaths with a user-friendly interface, collision checks, and state-of-the-art control over all aspects of toolpath generation.


Comprehensive turning module with powerful toolpaths and technology, enabling fast and efficient turning while protecting fixtures and tool holders.


iMachining 3D automatically generates complete CNC programs. It uses expert knowledge-based techniques to rough and semi-finish the entire 3D component in one operation.


An advanced and complete solution for multi-turret/multi-spindle mill-turn machines, fully harnessing the capabilities of your high-end multi-axis CNC machine.


iMachining revolutionizes CNC milling toolpaths. It achieves fast, deep machining by optimizing cutting angles and feed rates at each toolpath position. Productivity is up to 70% faster!


SolidCAM developed a series of advanced features to provide top-notch Swiss-Type milling-turning solutions, enabling you to perform offline part programming, toolpath simulation, and verification.

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