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AFRM - Automatic Feature Recognition Machining

Automatic Feature Recognition & Machining is a feature of SolidCAM. It sets a new standard for automating CAM programming.

- 01

Chamfering and deburring

- 02

Advanced Borehole Recognition​

- 03

SolidCAM Hole Wizard

Convex Feature Recognition

SolidCAM automatically recognizes all 2D pockets (Pocket Recognition). There is no need to process each individual pocket separately. All pockets, whether open, closed, blind, or through holes, are identified, and their corresponding depths and Z-axis levels are processed together in a single operation. Complete fixture protection is provided during pocket machining, pocket recognition, and 2D drilling, allowing you to protect the fixture while machining the parts.

  • Combining the recognized variable upper limit and depth from the model surface, all strategies and options are available. Users can choose to control the tool, technique, and cutting strategy.

  • Automatic recognition and machining of chamfers at the bottom of each convex feature.

  • Automatic identification of remaining material on each convex feature.

  • A perfect tool for multi-convex feature parts.

Remove Chamfers and Burrs

SolidCAM automatically recognizes all applicable chamfers and fillets. Users only need to set the depth of the chamfer, the cutting diameter of the tool, and the safe offset. SolidCAM's chamfer recognition feature automatically avoids vertical wall surfaces and optimizes machining while protecting the part and tool holder from collisions.

csm deburring recognition with tool

Advanced Drilling Identification

SolidCAM's advanced drilling recognition feature can automatically identify all the drill holes in the CAD model and generate corresponding CNC operations.

  • Powerful filtering tools, such as diameter, Z-axis level, or drilling depth, allow for selecting the desired drilling points.

  • At all selected drilling positions, spot drilling can be generated, where the depth is related to the diameter of the used drilling tool.

drill recognition with tool path

Drilling Feature Detection and Automatic Tool Path Generation

SolidCAM Hole Wizard

SolidCAM's Hole Wizard streamlines the programming of complex hole patterns through a drag-and-drop machining process.

  • Capable of recognizing all hole features in CAD models, including dependent patterns.

  • All geometric and dimensional parameters of CAD features can be utilized during the machining process.

  • Applicable to complex logic, including conditional equations, providing greater flexibility.

  • Allows easy programming of simple counterbores, countersinks, counter-drills, and tapped holes by a simple mouse click.

ahrm recognition
drill recognition without tool path

Drag and Drop Operation

The complete machining process can be chosen from a standard library or a custom library. Simply drag and drop it onto a single feature or the entire part, and SolidCAM will automatically generate all the necessary operations.

Feature recognition without tool passes

Apply drag-and-drop hole sprites to individual hole features

Feature recognition with tool passes

Apply drag-and-drop hole sprites to entire parts

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