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2.5D Milling

The most powerful and easiest way to create 2.5D CNC milling toolpaths:

Fully interactive control + feature recognition

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Full Control + Feature Recognition

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Interactive 2.5D Millingoperate

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Advanced 2.5D features

2.5D Milling

SolidCAM's 2.5D milling module provides the most intuitive and user-friendly interface, seamlessly integrated with SOLIDWORKS and Inventor. Combining the latest toolpath technology, SolidCAM's 2.5D milling module offers the fastest, most powerful, and simplest way to create 2.5D CNC milling toolpaths.

Easily manipulate parts, assemblies, and sketch geometry to define your CNC machining operations. Quickly place fixtures and components for comprehensive visualization.

Body 25D Milling Haas

Full Control + Feature Recognition

SolidCAM provides interactive and automated 2.5D milling operations on SOLIDWORKS models, offering the best solution for both beginners and advanced users. You can opt for full control over geometry selection, parameters, and CNC programming strategies, or utilize automatic recognition and machining of pockets and drilling.

Interactive 2.5D Milling Operations

In addition to contour milling, pocketing, and drilling operations, SolidCAM also provides the following features:

  • Chain modification options: Allows modification of geometric shapes without changing the CAD model.

  • Automatic rest material machining: Used to cut remaining material after using larger tools.

  • Chamfering with inlay milling: Utilizes the same geometric shapes defined in contour and pocketing operations for chamfer machining.

  • Thread milling operations: Used for machining standard internal and external threads.

  • Different depths for pockets and contours: Enables machining of pockets and contours with varying depths in a single operation.

  • Text engraving and multiline text on the centerline: Used for engraving text on flat and curved surfaces.

  • 3D contouring operations: Drives the tool along 3D curves to cut the model at various depths.

  • Geometric shapes machined around a rotational axis: By converting motion from linear to rotational, it allows machining around a rotational axis.

  • Special operations using T-slot cutters for potential side pocketing.

2.5D Mill-Wrap

Borehole Identification

SolidCAM has a drilling recognition feature that can automatically identify and group holes in the solid model, providing options to modify the recognition results. By using a single drilling recognition operation, it can process clusters of holes at different levels and depths.

csm 2.5D-Drill

Pocket Recognition

The "Pocket Recognition" feature elevates SolidCAM's powerful pocket milling operations to a new level. It can automatically identify all pockets on the CAD model. You can utilize all strategies and options available for standard pocket operations while incorporating variable levels and depths identified from the model surface.


Multiple depth drilling

Powerful drilling operations give you complete control, allowing you to customize your drilling operations at every step and depth. It is the ideal choice for deep hole drilling and cross-hole drilling.

MultiDepth drilling
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