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Swiss Type  Milling Compound

Provides easy programming of complex multi-turret and multi-spindle Swiss-style CNC machines

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A complete solution for Swiss-style CNC machines

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Integrated, easy to use, complete

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Short cycle times, maximum productivity

Swiss Solution

Easy to use, intuitive, proven.

Swiss-style CNC turning offers a cost-effective method of manufacturing small, complex and precision parts. Single-setup processing is achieved by feeding the material through a guide sleeve and cutting with a linear or turret cutter.

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Today, Swiss-style machines produce smaller parts, but the machines are more complex and riskier, so manual programming on the controller is definitely inefficient.

Driven by the advanced concept of advanced integrated turn-mill machining, SolidCAM has developed a series of advanced functions to provide a best-in-class Swiss-style solution, allowing you to perform offline part programming, optimization, toolpath simulation and verification in the SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor environments. You can set up, mill and turn operations on the main and counter axes and synchronize them within the intuitive channel synchronization manager.

Including the unique and patented iMachining technology: Extensive turning and C-, Y- and B-axis milling operations ensure that every part is optimally machined.

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Machine capabilities, kinematics and expertise are stored in certified post-processors, customized to your needs. SolidCAM supports all common Swiss-type machine and controller brands on the market - with no limitations in terms of number of axes or channels.

a group of CNC Machines

Programmable Swiss CNC with SolidCAM

Citizen-D25 M8

Citizen D25-M8


Citizen M32-4M8




Tornos ST26

STAR-SB20-R-type G



Tsugami B0326E-II


Tornos DT26S




Hanwha XD3811-H-Y2


Tornos GT32B


Citizen L32-M12


Tsugami BH38E

ToolKit | Unlimited Tool Manager


The best tool management tool in the CAM industry. Tools and cutting conditions can be loaded, assembled and managed, and quick tool configuration switching can be realized through a virtual machine environment and a user-friendly interface, thereby eliminating errors in tool setting.

Any tool component, including small and custom-shaped inserts, can be imported directly from the CAD data from the tool manufacturer's online catalog. ToolKit supports any type of face tool, axial tool, angle tool and multi-tool holder.

ToolKit2 source

Double Sided Knife Holder

Rotary Holder Index Tool Holder

Angle Tool Holder ( X axis)

Double Sided Holder
ToolKit Indexial Holder

Program, Simulate, Build!

Milling and turning operations have full control over the output of the X-axis (positive or negative), avoiding potential collisions with adjacent tools of the CNC machine assembly.

Polar interpolation cycles (radial or oriented) are fully supported.


Support thread coil processing


Thread coiling plays an irreplaceable role in Swiss-type machines for precise machining of workpieces such as medical screws.

Support custom thread shape


You can define custom thread shapes and obtain roughing and finishing toolpaths based on the tool profile.

Use a special knife holder


The use of special fixtures can lead to potential collisions or dangerous situations where machine axis limits are reached. SolidCAM gives you full control over the C-axis output of selected profiles to avoid these situations.

MCO | Machine Control Operation


Using machine control operations, you can define machine actions that are independent of the toolpath (eg, turret and spindle movement, chuck opening/closing, coolant, etc.).

Swiss-Type postprocessors are already equipped with pre-prepared standard MCO loops, saving time in part programming. These cycles contain the minimum user input parameters to perform the necessary machine actions. With MCO, you can program the following actions:

  • Rod safe retraction

  • Cutting preset position setting

  • change tool

  • Part pick and place with back spindle

  • Reclamping when machining long parts

  • Stylized Rod Feed

  • control coolant

  • part exit

  • Axial, spindle and phase synchronization

  • Output any G/M command

  • any custom action


​Mechanical Simulation


Before actual machining, simulate and visually verify the tool path in SolidCAM's machine simulation. The software fully detects collisions between machine components, workpieces, fixtures, tools and holders.

Simulation Process

Impact Checking

Parts Transfer


Simulate machining processes with dual spindles in multiple windows.

Simulate machining processes with dual spindles in several windows.

Part transfer: Simulate the cut-off process

Channel Synchronization Conflict Engine

Channel Sync Conflict Avoidance disables G-code generation or simulation in case of any conflict issues in defined synchronization. If enabled, it flags actions that require action and guides you with pointing arrows and helpful comments. The system understands the controller logic and checks for synchronization possibilities, taking into account machine kinematics, axis sharing and synchronization wait flag rules.

Clash view


SolidCAM supports three different overlay modes. Axes can overlap other axes so that the slave axis follows the master axis. For applicable Swiss-type machines, SolidCAM will automatically detect this mode.


Rotary Axis and Drive Unit Sharing

By using the axis sharing and drive unit functions, machining time can be reduced and part machining can be stabilized. Simultaneously synchronize two turning operations on different turrets and, under certain conditions, use the same spindle for turning, or synchronize two milling operations on different turrets, using the same rotary axis.

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