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Unparalleled machining performance

SolidCAM's exclusive patented technology, iMachining, is an intelligent high-speed milling technique. iMachining creates faster and safer CNC machining processes for mechanical part manufacturing. Not only does it ensure successful first-part machining, but it also maximizes tool life. iMachining's features and algorithms not only bring incredible savings in cycle time but also significantly extend tool life, providing unparalleled machining feed rates to meet all your machining requirements.

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Reducing processing time by over 70%

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Extend Tool Life by 5 Times, Drastically Reduce Tooling Costs

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Feed speed setting wizard, ensuring successful first-time machining creatively

Advantages of iMachining

Boosts Your Profits

  • Revolutionary Machining Performance

  • Achieve deep cutting with fewer steps.

  • Optimize feed rates for maximum tool efficiency.

  • Eliminate air cutting and unnecessary tool retractions, ensuring cutting only on remaining material.

  • Reduce CNC machine wear, increase machine uptime, extend machine lifespan, and save on maintenance costs.

  • Avoid costly machine tool upgrades and expenses of purchasing new CNC machines.

Reduces Tool Costs

  • Tool life increased by an average of over 5 times.

  • Full-depth cutting ensures the entire tool is fully utilized, not just the bottom part.

  • Eliminating the cost of high-end and special tools when working with hard materials.

Reduces Processing Time

  • Automatically optimized feed speeds reduce the time spent on trial operations and machining errors, enabling the discovery of the best machine settings and ensuring success from the first part.

  • Experienced operators achieve perfection from the first part.

  • Inexperienced operators become experts in a short time with iMachining.


iMachining Technology Wizard

With iMachining's guidance and toolpaths, the knowledge and expertise of hundreds of CAM and CNC specialists are at your fingertips, enabling you to achieve a whole new level of CNC performance!

SolidCAM's iMachining possesses an exclusive patented iMachining technology wizard, which is the first and only guide in the industry that can automatically calculate the optimal cutting conditions for each segment of the iMachining toolpath.

The wizard is based on the mechanical performance of the workpiece and tool, while considering the technical limitations of the CNC machine, providing synchronized values for feed rates, spindle speeds, axial cutting depths, cutting angles, and chip thickness.

All SolidCAM customers worldwide who use iMachining enjoy significant savings and gain a true competitive advantage:


  • Automatically provides the best feed speed, spindle speed, cutting depth, and cutting width tailored to your CNC machine, material, and tool.

  • iMachining's technology wizard also calculates and maintains the optimal cutting conditions from the first to the last cut using data on stock, tool material performance, and CNC machine specifications.

  • With the patented 'Controlled Step Over' technology, the guide ensures strict adherence to the configured toolpath and cutting conditions.

  • The 'iMachining Level Slider' allows users to choose from 8 levels to automatically adjust fixture, tool holding, and CNC machine conditions based on real-world situations, making it easier to overcome common issues like spindle rigidity, fixture rigidity, and tool deflection.


iMachining Tool Path Generation Technology


iMachining 2D & 3D

The revolutionary iMachining CAM module will make you and your CNC machine more profitable and competitive than ever before. iMachining represents a true breakthrough in CNC milling toolpath technology, achieving incredibly fast and deep machining by optimizing the cutting angles and feed speeds at each tool path location.

In addition to achieving flawless results in every 2D machining operation, iMachining provides astonishing 3D machining effects, often resulting in up to 90% savings in many cases. It automatically generates a CNC program that encapsulates expert-level knowledge, is comprehensive, and ready to be executed directly. This ensures optimal cutting conditions and allows for roughing and rest roughing of the entire 3D part in a single operation.

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