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Programming CNC lathes for fast and efficient turning operations


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SolidCAM Turning

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Fast and efficient turning​

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Inventory Update

SolidCAM Turning

SolidCAM provides a comprehensive turning package with powerful tool paths and techniques, enabling fast and efficient turning operations while also offering fixture and tool holder protection features. SolidCAM's turning module allows for advanced rough and finish profile turning, and supports functions such as facing, grooving, thread machining, and drilling cycles.a

SolidCAM Turning Simulation
  • Turning geometries and profiles can be rapidly generated and easily adjusted or modified to meet production requirements.

  • The machine preview function allows interactive inspection and validation of setups and machine positions in the machine environment, reducing programming and setup errors at each tool path programming stage.

  • SolidCAM turning supports the widest range of machine types, including 2-axis lathes and multi-turret configurations with or without a sub-spindle.

  • Custom turning inserts can be used, and shape inserts with multiple cutting edges are available (as shown in Figure A).a

csm_Turning simulation

​Figure A

Fast and Efficient Turning Processing

  • Balanced roughing: Two turning tools work simultaneously, or in tailstock mode, for rough machining turning of long and large parts.

  • Inclined groove cutting: Internal or external inclined groove cutting at any defined angle.

  • Manual turning: Turning based on user-defined geometries, independent of material and target model limitations.

  • Brand new circular groove tool with spiral cutting path for increased efficiency. (See Figure B)

  • Full support for SolidCAM's Ceratizit High Dynamic Turning (HDT) and FreeTurn rotary cutting. Now, all familiar turning operations such as roughing, finishing, contouring, face turning, and longitudinal turning can be done using a single tool. HDT and FreeTurn can reduce machining time by up to 25%. (See Figure C)

  • Fourth-axis synchronous turning: Utilize the tool's B-axis tilting capability for machining surface profiles, completing turning in one step in the undercut region. (See Figure D)

  • Shared drive unit: Two tools work simultaneously, driven by a single drive unit (spindle) rotating at the same speed and direction. (See Figure E)


​Figure B


​Figure C


​Figure D


​Figure E

Repository Information Update


SolidCAM has the capability of real-time updating of the tool library in the operation tree. It supports updating the library for a wide range of machines, from basic 2-axis turning centers to CYB multi-turret, sub-spindle turning-milling CNC machines.

At the sub-spindle turning center, when transferring the part from the main spindle to the sub-spindle, the updated stock model is also transferred accordingly. Any subsequent machining on the sub-spindle will detect the stock in the state of leaving the main spindle, providing the most efficient machining sequence.

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