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​AutoCAMIN Research and Technology Pvt. ltd

The most suitable manufacturing solution for you.



SolidCAM is advanced integrated CAM software with complete toolpaths and seamless integration. In parametric CAD components, you can define and verify all machining operations and automatically update toolpaths.


iMachining offers unparalleled time savings and extends tool life, significantly enhancing the productivity of CNC machines while reducing costs. Its patented technology serves as a guide, providing automatic optimal feed rates for various materials, cutting tools, and CNC machines.

Advanced Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type

SolidCAM provides maximum programming flexibility and configurability for multitasking needs. Synchronized multi-station and spindle operations reduce cycle times. Its powerful, user-friendly programming tool simulates all milling and turning processes.


​Turn Milling Compound

SolidCAM's programming flexibility and configurability make it ideal for multitasking machining. Synchronized multi-station and spindle operations reduce machining cycle times. The powerful, easy-to-learn, and user-friendly programming tool has advanced simulation functions for a wide range of milling and turning processes.


OCTOPUZ Offline Robot Programming Software supports the most variety brands of Robot, applied to cutting, milling, additive, machining, path analysis, and simulation.

OCTOPUZ overcomes the limitations of traditional robot arm programming by automating the process and simulating robot arm movements offline. This allows users to program robot arm actions without disrupting production, as the robot arm can continue to operate normally.

Cutting Tools

Our comprehensive product range includes high-quality end mills, ball nose end mills, face mills, drills, reamers, taps, boring tools, inserts, and special-purpose tools such as chamfer mills and thread mills.

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