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Perfect CAD/CAM Integration Software

Perfect Solution for Multi-axis Milling Compound Machines and High-End Swiss-type Milling Compound Machines Processing Paths. As a SolidWorks-certified Gold Integration Partner, we provide a seamless transition from CAD to CAM, reducing the learning curve. Introducing AI-assisted CNC cutting, effectively enhancing tool lifespan and machining efficiency.

Multi-turret Swiss-type Milling Compound Machine

Using multiple tool turrets for turning and milling programming on the main sub-spindle, synchronized settings are done in an intuitive channel synchronous manager. Ensuring that each part receives optimal machining.

High-level tool-type turning and milling compound

Advanced Multi-turret/Multi-spindle Lathe-Milling Compound Machine's Comprehensive Solution, a mature multi-channel lathe-milling compound system that maximizes the combination of milling and turning operations to manufacture workpieces with the highest productivity.

Five-axis simultaneous milling

Through the industry's most rigorous testing and verification, our 5-axis machining tool paths boast a user-friendly interface, collision detection, and state-of-the-art control over all aspects of tool pathing.


SolidCAM's unique patented iMachining intelligent high-speed milling technology creates faster and safer CNC programs while maximizing tool lifespan. iMachining's capabilities will reduce your machining time significantly and provide unparalleled extension of tool life.

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