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CNC Milling Software - Wankmueller Customer Video

Efficient CAM programming for ambitious 5X machining

SolidCAM Customer Testimonial - Burns Machinery

I have been using SolidCAM for about a year now. Although I haven't received formal training, I find this software very easy to use. The online documentation and videos are excellent resources for beginners. iMachining has significantly accelerated our rough machining operations. Out of all the software we have tried, it has undoubtedly provided us with the best toolpaths.

The support service is outstanding. Everyone I have interacted with has been friendly, knowledgeable, and very familiar with the software. I highly recommend you try SolidCam.

 - Michael Greaves |

   Camnetics MFG

I have been a customer of SolidCam for about nine months now, and their support team has been consistently outstanding. They not only assist with technical aspects of the software itself but are also willing to take the time to help with practical machining methods and provide alternative solutions.

 - Greg Waugh |

   Pacific Lock Company

I have been using SolidCAM for many years. This software is extremely stable! The reason I place this product ahead of all other CAM software, both old and new, is that it provides almost real-time remote technical support.

 - Brett Bunker | 

   Ridge Quest inc.

I have 35 years of machining and programming experience, and I've been using Mastercam for 19 years. After using SolidCam for three years, I can confidently say that SolidCam is faster. Every time I see Mastercam tutorials, I always think to myself: "Come on! If I were using SolidCam, I would have finished that already!" I am a full-time programmer, and I use SolidCam. I truly believe that the ability to verify all operations at once is the most amazing and best feature. I don't know of any other CAM software that can verify all operations simultaneously. I always try to use one program to program my parts into multiple operations whenever possible.



SolidCAM is a top-notch CAM software. Compared to other software like Mastercam and Esprit, its ease of use is unparalleled. And when support is needed, its support is even more outstanding!

 - Brad Schlangen | Alexandria Industries

SolidCAM is a high-quality CAM and CAD package that comes with an excellent service experience. Furthermore, all of this is offered at a reasonable price. I am delighted to have switched to SolidCAM two years ago.

 - Ronnie Kidder | 

   Precise Machine

I am a technology education teacher. In all of our courses, we use SolidWorks as our primary design software. For the past 12 years, we have also been using SolidCAM to create toolpaths for CNC machining. I have found that SolidCAM is easy for students to learn. The SolidCAM team has always been willing to answer my questions, no matter how big or small. I would recommend SolidCAM to any high school teacher looking to provide cutting-edge technology to their students.

 - John Aument | 

   Selinsgrove Area School District

I have been using SolidCAM for a year and a half, and I have absolutely no regrets choosing them to meet our CAM needs. Their technical support is simply amazing, and the software is incredibly user-friendly. We have made significant improvements in tool life and cycle time compared to manual coding. I feel sorry for those who are using other CAM systems!

 - Kevin Ames | 

   South Morgan Technologies

SolidCAM software is the most intuitive and powerful software available in the market. It is the easiest software to get started with, and if you encounter any difficulties, SolidCAM's support team will lend a helping hand. The customer support is truly remarkable!

 - Nick Johnson | 


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