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HSS-High Speed Surface Milling

High-speed machining of local surfaces (High Speed Surface).

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​Powerful Surfacing Strategies

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​Comprehensive tool control to machine specific areas

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A very important module for the machining factory

High Speed Surface Milling

SolidCAM HSS is a high-speed surface machining module used for smooth and powerful machining of local surface areas in parts, including concave regions. SolidCAM HSS offers easy surface selection without the need to define boundaries and supports both standard and custom tool shapes.

HSS main

Realize smooth, gouge-free, and optimal tool paths

SolidCAM's HSS module offers a variety of surface machining strategies to generate efficient, smooth, mark-free, and optimal toolpaths for the selected surfaces.

HSS provides special toolpath connection options, generating smooth and tangential entry and exit paths. Users can control the linking moves between toolpaths, avoiding piercing and narrow slots without the need to modify the model's surface. Retracts can be performed to any major plane.

Machining only the area of your choice

HSS is a CAM module that takes your 2.5D machining beyond its profiles, pockets, and surfaces, providing 3D machining capabilities for prismatic and 3D parts.

HSS toolpaths focus on one or multiple surfaces, creating smooth toolpaths on complex 3D shapes composed of multiple surfaces (e.g., chamfers).

You have full control over the tool, machining only the areas you choose without being constrained by boundaries or constructing geometry, allowing you the freedom to select the regions to be machined.

A very important module in the machining factory

The advantages of SolidCAM's HSS module are reflected in significantly improved surface quality. For machining various types of parts, the HSS module is essential and highly valuable for every machining factory.


Advanced Collision Control Feature

SolidCAM provides advanced collision control features for fixtures, spindles, and tools. Users can choose adjacent check surfaces to avoid, ensuring that the tool avoids collision with these surfaces. The feature also offers various fallback strategies, completely under the user's control. This enables effective prevention of collisions and unexpected impacts during the machining process, ensuring the safety and stability of the operations.


Advanced Linkage

Fully unrestricted control over the tool's entry and exit motions without modifying the surface. The toolpath can be extended or trimmed, skip gaps and holes, and choose from multiple entry/exit options.


Handling Concave Corners in HSS

Full control over the motion of tool entry and exit, without modifying the surface. The toolpath can be extended or trimmed, skip gaps and holes, and choose from multiple entry/exit options.

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