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iMachining 2D

A Revolution in CNC Machining

- 01

iRough, iRest, iFinish and Multi-Tool Technology

- 02

Unique and Proprietary iMachining Toolpaths!

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iMachining 2D with Feature Recognition

Patented iMachining: "Amazing"

Absolutely astonishing!" This is the feedback from customers, machine manufacturers, and tool companies regarding iMachining. The revolutionary iMachining CAM module will make you and your CNC machine more profitable and competitive than ever before. iMachining is a true breakthrough in CNC milling toolpath technology, achieving extremely fast and deeper machining by optimizing the tool's cutting angles and feed rates at each toolpath position.

  • Thanks to the reduced machining cycle time, productivity increases, saving over 70% of time!

  • Significantly increased tool life, growing more than 5 times!

  • Unparalleled machining of hard materials and excellent performance with small tools.

  • 4-axis and milling: iMachining for turning and milling.

  • Automatically select the optimal feed rate at each toolpath position.

  • Efficient programming productivity.

  • The shortest learning curve in the CAM industry.


iRough, iRest, iFinish
and Multi-Tool Technology

  • Combining roughing, finishing, and rest material processing functionalities in a single operation.

  • Multi-tool: Easily define and edit operations that use multiple tools, all within a single interface. Geometry and levels are synchronized, and the rest material is automatically tracked.

  • iRough + iFinish: Optimize roughing and finishing using the same tool in a single operation. Particularly suitable for prototyping and machining soft materials.

  • iFinish: Suitable for hard materials and precision machining, allowing the use of different tools for floor and wall finishing.

  • Optimized rest material roughing and bottom finishing for 2.5D features, offering multiple strategies.

Exclusive iMachining Toolpaths:
Deformed Spiral

iMachining uses an advanced and patented adaptive helical toolpath that gradually adapts to the geometry of the feature being machined, instead of traditional offset toolpaths. This maximizes the tool's contact time with the material, also known as "tool in-cut time."


Most Efficient iMachining Morphing Helical Toolpath

Passages and trenches:
divide and overcome

To efficiently cut large areas of material, including removal and isolated island regions, iMachining employs its patented "Segmented Processing" technology, dividing the working area into smaller segments. This maximizes the utilization of continuous adaptive spiral cutting.

save time: Eliminate wasted time and motion

The toolpaths of iMachining only cut the material that needs to be removed, eliminating "air cutting." From the initial approach to the final cut, the remaining material tracking ensures that each toolpath effectively cuts the material.


"Zone cutting": intelligent area division to maximize the use of deformed helical cutting

iMachining 2D Feature Recognition Technology

This technology greatly simplifies the process of geometry definition!

The feature recognition technology of iMachining 2D utilizes solid model data, requiring minimal user input, to detect and define machinable features of the part.

Feature Recognition Mode

  • Face: Intelligent face technology allows the creation of chains simply by selecting faces. The entire pocket feature and its levels (including different depths) will be automatically recognized.

  • Chains: By combining chains with solid model data, processable regions are identified. This is highly suitable for features without selectable bottom faces, such as pocket features with chamfers and side profile milling.

  • External feature recognition: Recognizes processable material around the target area and automatically detects its levels.

  • Chain without feature recognition: Choose to use SolidCAM's standard chain method, excluding iMachining's recognition and protection features.


Chain identification via pocket features

Chain recognition from side profile


external feature recognition

face recognition

Identification and Protection

iMachining 2D automatically performs the following functions while considering stock/save and update stock and target model situations:

  • Detect and avoid generating undercut regions in part features.

  • Detect and extend stock material in open pocket areas.

  • Detect remaining material at each stage of the machining process.

  • Protect solid geometries from collisions with cutting tools.


Face recognition for iMachining: Easily handle features with undercut regions

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