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Proven iMachining technology for stunning 3D milling results

iMachining 3D

Transform your 3D CNC machining capabilities

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Amazing 3D Processing

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SolidCAM Exclusive Technology

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Suitable for Prismatic Parts

iMachining 3D: Amazing 3D Machining Technology

iMachining 3D provides astonishing 3D machining results, often saving up to 70% of machining time, and in many cases, even up to 90%.

iMachining 3D automatically generates complete, ready-to-run CNC programs and achieves optimal cutting conditions for roughing and rest roughing of the entire 3D part in a single operation, utilizing expert knowledge-based technology guidance.

iMachining 3D utilizes advanced analytical algorithms to determine the optimal sequence for its roughing and rest-roughing tool paths. By combining its unique local machining characteristics, full-depth engagement, intelligent retracts, and smart positioning, iMachining 3D achieves the shortest machining cycles in roughing and semi-finishing for molds, complex 3D parts, and prismatic 3D parts.

When combined with other SolidCAM technologies, such as 3D HSM for molds and complex 3D parts or iMachining 2D for 3D prismatic parts, iMachining 3D provides a complete machining solution.


iMachining 3D is a essential tool!

  • Quickly select solid geometries and automatically protect the target model.

  • Utilize the validated iMachining 2D technology for optimizing machining at each Z-step.

  • Perform depth roughing using the entire flute length, reducing machining cycles, and extending tool life.

  • Conduct rest material machining for small upward steps to maintain a constant step-over height, further shortening the machining cycle.

  • Intelligent local machining and optimal sequencing eliminate retracting and long-distance positioning moves, resulting in the shortest machining time in the industry.

  • Dynamic updated stock model and "cut material only" mode eliminate all air cutting.

  • The toolpath automatically adjusts at each stage of the machining process to avoid collisions between the tool holder and the updated stock model.

iMach_small-cut simulation
iMachining3D_simulain of cuting efficiency
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